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Collaborate with Guests in MS Teams

We've started collaborating more with other professionals around the area. More and more of these are also using MS Teams for collaboration,  management of files and more.

So can we collaborate easily? Well we sure can. Provided your 365 admin configures the allowance of guests you can easily invite others to work with you. I recommend creating a team specifically for each collaborator or group, for ease of use and security.

Here's the basics on how to do it.

Click on Join or create team and select Create Team:


Select Build a team from scratch. I recommend making it private.

Give it a name and description as appropriate:

Now you will be prompted to add members. You'll be familiar with this step. Now, if you type in an address that isn't inside your organisation you will get prompted to invite as a guest. Pretty cool.

They'll get an email and away you go. We find this great for collaborating on things like Web Design projects with digital marketing consultants and such.

There are a bunch of options to limit down the access that guests have so talk through these with your admin or IT provider. Happy collaboration.

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