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Initiative IT migrates to a new web platform

A little while ago we were looking to revamp our website. I'd created it on a quick time frame when we started the business. It was OK, but I didn't love it. Every time I was on there I kept seeing things that need tweaking or completely re-writing. About the same time I was looking to provide sites to a couple of clients that had been asking for it. It seemed like a good idea to assess what platform I was going to use, so that's what I did. In chatting with Zac from HA-Accounting he pointed us to an Aussie built platform, Synergy 8, so we fired up a trial with them.

I'm so glad we did. It really ticked our boxes:

 Easy to use for basic changes, so we can empower customers to manage much of their own content. Who wants their website locked away?

 Easy to recover if customers make mistakes (IT Pros make them occasionally too)

 Allow coding and the ability to make complex changes

 Feature rich - basic web development/blogging/contact management/digital marketing/e-commerce/integration with apps like Xero

 Affordable. You only pay for the parts you need

 Secure and safe - SSL certificates built in and everything is backed up and recoverable

 Analytics and Search Engine Optimisation - After all, we want to make the most of our efforts and reach customers, right?

 Great support. Synergy 8 excels here

During the trial I was playing with a few designs and gradually decided I liked the new design more than our original site. The experience of designing and editing is much more enjoyable on this platform. So what would we do?

We migrated to the new platform.

The experience of migrating was smooth. Simple DNS updates are guided by the wizard and the platform auto installs an SSL certificate. You can have Synergy 8 host the DNS, but we have a lot more going on with DNS already and like the hosting we have for that.

We were so happy with the platform that we have decided that we will exclusively use it for all our web clients. It fits our approach to products and services: We find the best value and quality products at a price that brings real benefit to local businesses and we stick with those.

If anyone is thinking of revamping their website, starting a new one or thinking of getting into E-commerce, we'd be happy to hear from you.

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