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Peek Code in Power Automate

Peek Code in Power Automate

I certainly didn't come up with this but it has been very useful so I though I'd share it. I think I learned it from Reza Dorrani; be sure to follow him.

When I'm adding expressions in flow or sometimes when I'm building adaptive cards, I often need to grab an object to place in the expression. A fast way to do this reliably is to peek at the code.

First I put the object into the step where the expression will be. If I'm looking just for an adaptive card I use a "Compose" action. (It will be removed usually).

Now we have the object but I want the text expression to call it. Click the ellipses and then "Peek code".

In the code view you can now grab everything between the quote marks on the right side of the JSON.

Copy this to wherever you need it.

There are other ways to get this value but I find this to be a fast and reliable method that works for me.

Happy automating! If you'd like to engage Initiative IT to help organise and automate, feel free to fill out the contact form.

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