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Simple Solution: Task Allocation


Imagine that you have a team and you want to hand them small tasks to complete. No fuss, just simple handling of tasks. In this demo we will show this in action. This demo app would be on mobile phones. The requester and the allocated users interact with the tasks and see the updates from the other user.

Heads Up

This post is designed to get people thinking about cool solutions for their organisation.
It's not a finished product but rather a demo of a building block to spark ideas.
We may even walk away with other ideas, great!

Task creation and allocation

On their mobile the requester can create a task and allocate it to one of the members of a team. They see the progress that is being made.

That was pretty easy, right?

Can't I filter the tasks?

I'm so glad you asked. You see, because we are working on the Microsoft Power Platform it is super easy to add these sorts of functions and publish them out to the business. needs determine the solution.

Task updates and completion

The person who has been allocated to this task will see it in their version of the app. They can then update the status and also leave a note.

No fuss, no mess. Only build in the things that your organisation needs for YOUR process, and update it for YOUR process.

Meanwhile back with the requester

The requester can view updates to current tasks. They can view notes if they have been added. They can also delete unwanted tasks.

This has been a pretty simple demo, but that was our goal. Did you get some ideas? How would you build on this for your organisation's needs?

I think it should be prettier.

I agree. This demo was built in about an hour and is focused on sparking ideas about task management.
We can brand apps and make them look as pretty (or ugly) as you need.

It's a bit simple.

Yeah, this is a post focusing on simple solutions. We'd love to talk about how this can be expanded for more complex solutions.

We hope this has sparked your interest and inspired you to think of solutions to your challenges.

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