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Tech Tip Tuesday 12/11/19

Why keep a clean desktop?

We all know the judgemental *sigh* when IT see's our messy desktops. But did you know this not just personal preference? There are many painful pieces of malware around on the internet and keeping your desktop clear could help you minimise their effect on your system.

You may have heard of the Cryptolocker ransomware 'WannaCry' that targeted England's NHS in 2017. This cost their government approximately $150million to rectify. What does this have to do with my desktop? To understand this, you need to understand what Cryptolocker does. It systematically encrypts every file on your computer and any connected network drives. After doing this it leaves a trail of text files demanding you go to a certain website and pay a sum of money to get the encryption key and recover your files. The easiest place to see this is often on your desktop.

There is new malware being released daily and having an organised computer will make it much easier to see any changes or issues that may arise.

(Bonus tip: an uncluttered desktop will load faster!)

That's all for this week. Tune in next week for some helpful Outlook tips!

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Lisa Elliott wrote:
12 Nov '19 2:18pm
Good to know, will keep in mind and re-evaluate what's on there as l didn't know this affected how fast it will load thanks Brendan for your Tuesday Tip!
Brendan S replied with:
13 Nov '19 5:45pm
No worries Lisa! I appreciate the feedback!

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