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Tech Tip Tuesday 5/11/19

Welcome to Tech Tip Tuesday. My name is Brendan and this is the first of a weekly series of blogs that we hope will provide some useful tips and tricks to help you in your IT-based adventures. Our topic this week is Basics of IT Support.

Why do we ask you to turn it off and on again?

This is one of the most common questions you will hear when you are having trouble with your computer. This isn't just a way to hide or avoid a problem as it may seem, there are many legitimate reasons this question may be asked, these include:

This just leaves the question, how often should I shut down my computer? 
Daily. It is best practice to shut your computer down each night when you're finished using it. 

This is all for the first Tech Tip Tuesday. Tune in next week for more!

If you'd like to see a specific topic posted or if you found this useful please leave a comment below. 

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