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Welcome to new team member

Welcome Brendan

We're very pleased to welcome Brendan Steward to the team. Brendan is an Albury local who tackles life with his wife, baby boy and probably too many pets (he's an animal fan after all).

Brendan has a solid background in IT, having worked with not-for-profits, national managed service providers, private schools and more. His exposure to technology is broad.

Brendan is talented at understanding business and is able to match up technology to business needs. We've worked with him before in other roles, and we're very happy that he has decided to pitch in with us in helping our clients to get the very best out of their technology.

We can't wait for you to get a chance to work with him.

Welcome aboard, Brendan.

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Lisa Elliott wrote:
31 Oct '19 4:41pm
Welcome Brendan, his wife who has no name? and your little man & furry friends to the Team!

Good to know you have skills to enlighten us with and hopefully we'll get a opportunity to tackle technology together and Win !!

Hi to Andrew & girls as well, hope your enjoying the sunshine !

Kind Regards

Mick & Lisa Elliott from UrbanForm Cabinets
Brendan S replied with:
5 Nov '19 10:09am
Hi Lisa!

My nameless wife is Camilla, and we are stoked to be on the Initiative team. I am really excited to work with all of you and to see Initiative ITS grow.

Keep an eye out for our regular blog posts starting today too, we're hoping to provide an avenue with which to expand your techie knowledge in the form of short articles about frequently asked questions.

If there is anything you'd like to see written about feel free to also leave a comment to request anything.

Kind Regards,


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